Czech and Slovak School

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The Czech and Slovak School at the Bohemian Hall in Astoria, Queens invites all children interested in learning the Czech or the Slovak language to join our low-tution language program. We are the largest Czech and Slovak school in the USA with 10 highly skilled and certified Czech and Slovak native speaking teachers and 3 professional dance instructors. We offer a program based on a comprehensive approach to learning the modern Czech and Slovak language with a curriculum created to educate school-aged children.

The program uses a Balanced Literacy framework and incorporates the Czech and the Slovak National Curriculum Standards for Elementary Schools to effectively teach all aspects of each language, including grammar, reading, creative writing, and communication. In addition, culturally-rich activities provide students with many opportunities to understand the fundamentals of each country´s history, geography, and ethnic lifestyle.

Our language program also includes cultural events for our students and their families, including school trips, a Christmas party, a Masopust/Fašiangy (Mardi Gras) party, theater shows, festivals, workshops, and other cultural events. The program uses genuine Czech and Slovak textbooks and learning material to promote more authentic learning. The language program is conducted every Friday from 5:00-7:30 pm and Saturday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm or from 12:30-3:00 pm and is intended for children 6 to 14 years of age.

Please visit the school website here!